Ready to See the City

It’s Friday evening, and as the sun goes down, the nightlife in Charlotte starts to come alive. It’s time to throw on a pair of sky high heels and start the party. Remember, “when in doubt wear red” (Bill Blas)
-tutto il mio amore (all my love)


Salut from Amelie’s

If you have a craving for something sweet, head down to Amelie’s French Bakery for a tasty treat. With several cases full of fresh pastries and French bread, you’re almost guaranteed to find something you’ll love. In addition, they also have a full menu for breakfast and lunch, not to mention the wonderful selection of hot and cold beverages. As you sip your piping hot green tea or indulge in a vanilla eclair (my personal favorite), you will be surrounded by many works of art that line the brightly painted walls. In this cheery, complex atmosphere, you are welcome to stay and relax as long as you like. After all, the French custom is to linger in cafés for many hours just simply enjoying a hot cup of espresso.
-tutto il mio amore (all my love)

Dinner With a View

The Queen City is full of beautiful and sparkling sights that will draw your eye in a moment’s glance. The best way to take in all of these gorgeous views is to reserve a table at the Fahrenheit restaurant in uptown. Overlooking much of the city, a table by the windows is a must. At night, not only can you view the glittering skyline lights as you dine several stories up, but also see the gentle flames of a massive outdoor fire pit glowing on the terrace. Taking lots of pictures is a necessity with a view this spectacular and unforgettable. This is one restaurant that can only be described as amazing.
-tutto il mio amore (all my love)